“I learn teaching from teachers. I learn golf from golfers. I learn winning from coaches.” –Harvey Penick

Successful people have a Coach who sees the bigger picture.


Olympic athletes have coaches and most great leaders have mentors. Having a plan, or knowing what the plan is, does not necessarily help with the execution of that plan. A coach is someone who provides the tools to help the candidate execute their plans from beginning to end.


What Is a Political Campaign Coach?


A political coach is someone who has a direct relationship with a candidate or elected official, just like an Olympic athlete’s relationship with his or her coach. A political coach is the only person that is focused on the candidate and will provide straightforward feedback. Sometimes, a coach might act as a sounding board for the candidate or elected official. It is the coach’s job to provide the tools and feedback to clarify their vision. Here are some of the duties of a political coach:


  • Provides the tools for managing difficult situations
  • Creates a confidential environment for the politician to discuss matters freely
  • Assist politicians to develop their vision and stay on course according to that vision
  • Brings different perspectives to the candidate


What a Political Coach Does Not Do?


  • A political coach is not a campaign manager, political consultant, or public relations person.
  • A political coach does not get involved in the day-to-day operations of a campaign.


When Is the Right Time for a Political Coach?


  • Running for an elected office, especially if this is the first time
  • In the midst of a campaign when actions, purpose, and vision get blurry
  • Deadlines are not met and/or there might be chaos in the campaign process
  • To clarify the message of “why are you running?”
  • When an elected official decides to run for another office
  • To help set the agenda in office immediately after winning an election
  • Once in office help keep the vision alive


A political coach supports a politician from their candidacy to their election and helps craft the agenda to keep the vision alive once in office. As stated in the beginning, Olympic athletes have coaches and great leaders have mentors. A coach can support a politician while running for office and continue to propel them forward once elected to office.


What Is Special about Melissa’s Coaching and Services?


Melissa has a unique background. She has been an entrepreneur and a business owner. She was able to create successful businesses because she had a business coach. Moreover, she has been involved in political campaigns since 1992. Political campaigns are very much like starting and running a business. Furthermore, as a seminar leader for Landmark Education, Melissa has coached thousands of people. Combining these experiences, along with her studies in Political Science, Communications, and Political Management, created a very unique expertise that can benefit any candidate or elected official.


Melissa’s advice was spot on for messaging for my campaign. Her methodology for helping determine that message was unique and gave my campaign the focus that was lacking. Her ideas are creative and she’s very easy to work with!

Linda Cannon

Candidate for Nevada Assembly

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